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14 Gug Sastry At Rgi 1 Essay

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Sustainability Initiatives –
A case study of RGI Airport,


GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd.

GMR Hyderabad International
Airport Ltd (GHIAL) is a Public
for building and
International Airport, Hyderabad.

Total area of land :

The Airport was commissioned in

Airport capacity : 12 million
passengers and 3 lakh tons of
cargo handling per annum

GHIAL is a joint venture company
promoted by;








GMR Group & its Vision
GHIAL is a part of 5 billion dollar GMR Group
which has got strong presence in the infrastructure area,
particularly Airports, Energy and Highways


Group will be an Institution in perpetuity that will build

Entrepreneurial Organizations, making a difference to Society through creation of Value”


…by establishing a culture ingrained in deep rooted
Values & Beliefs

Deliver the

Henry Ford


Albert Einstein




We value intellectual
modesty and dislike
false pride and

Nurturing active
curiosity - to question,
share and improve.

We value a deep sense
of responsibility & self
discipline, to meet &
exceed on commitment

We seek opportunities.
They are everywhere.

Edmund Hillary &
Tenzing Norgay

Teamwork & Relationships
Going beyond the
individual encouraging boundary
less behavior.

Martin Luther King

Respect for individual
We will treat others
with dignity, sensitivity
and honor.

Mother Theresa

Social responsibility
Anticipating and
meeting relevant and
needs of society.




Driven by Group’s Passion, Patience & Perseverance,
we have come a long way…


RGI Airport - Phased Development
GHIAL commissioned RGI Airport in a record time of 31 months Design Capacity


Phase 1


March 2008

Phase 2


As per traffic trigger

Phase 3 & 4


As per traffic trigger




Key Features of the Airport
A few firsts in India

• Fully automated Airport Operations
Control Center (AOCC)
• Tallest ATC Tower ( 75 m)

Emphasizing passenger comfort

• International brand Concessionaires
• 5 Star Airport Hotel
• CUTE (Common User Terminal
Equipment) & CUSS (Common User

• Longest taxiway (4395 m);

Self Service) enabled check-in.

• Code F facility : A380 Compatible
• Open Access model for fuel supply

• Slumber lounge with shower and nap

• 4 level inline baggage screening
• Swing-gate Operations

• Apollo Medical Centre
• Transfer facility


GHIAL has received several awards
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) “silver rating” - 1st airport in Asia & 2nd airport globally to have won this certification. Outstanding Concrete Structure of AP award 2008 by Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) World Routes award by ORBIS UK, for CSR projects undertaken around the Airport CNBC Infrastructure ex...

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