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Lean Synchronization

Week 10

Operations Management


In this lecture
 What is lean synchronization?
 The lean philosophy of operations
 Identifying waste in the operations system
 How does lean synchronization eliminate waste?

Week 10

Operations Management


Lean operations
Aims at elimination of all waste in order to develop an operation that is faster, more dependable, produces higher quality products and services and, above all, operates at low cost

Continuous flow manufacture
High value-added manufacture
Stockless production
Low-inventory production
Fast-throughput manufacturing
Lean manufacturing
Toyota production system
Short-cycle time manufacturing.
Week 10

Operations Management


Lean operations (Continued)
JIT material flow
Traditional approach

Stage A


Stage B


Stage C

JIT approach – lean approach

Stage B

Stage A

Week 10

Stage C

Operations Management


Lean operations (Continued)


Focus on producing
only when needed

Focus on highcapacity utilization

Fewer stoppages

More stoppages
because of

utilization, but

More production
at each stage

High inventory
means less chance
of problems being
exposed and solved
Extra production
goes into inventory
because of continuing
stoppages at earlier

Week 10

Operations Management

Low inventory so
problems are
exposed and
No surplus
production goes
into inventory


Inventories of materials, Information or customers
have similar characteristics
Of material
(queue of material)

Of information
(queue of information)

Of customers
(queue of people)


Ties up working capital


Needs storage space
Needs memory capacity
Defects hidden, possible Defects hidden, possible
data corruption

Need waiting area
Gives negative perception


Makes stages

Makes stages independent

Promotes job


Stages kept busy by

Stages kept busy by...

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