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The 14 points of getting a girl with a boyfriend to sleep with you. Fuck you Wilson!
* Lie all the time
* Sex = love (in her mind)
* Cheating/fucking is the goal
* Never mention an ex girlfriend
* Make her feel like the “only girl in the world”- Beyonce (John Moran’s contribution) * Let her talk a lot, chicks like talking
1) Niceness
a) Don’t be too nice
b) You have a dick. Don’t chop it off and attach a pussy. c) You’re not her girlfriend and you don’t want to be d) You’re a guy who wants to fuck her
i) Introduce yourself
ii) Make small talk
iii) Ask if she has a boyfriend, if not proceed to step 14 2) Let her complain about said boyfriend
e) Don’t always agree otherwise your plan will be foiled f) Chicks ...

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1 10 11 12 13 14 2 3 3sum 4 5 6 7 8 9 act actor afterward agre ahead alon alreadi also alway anoth appli ask attach attack b back bag bake balanc becom best beyonc bitch boyfriend brendan c cake care chang cheating/fucking check chick chop close club come comfi comfort compass complain compliment conscienc contribut convers creativ cri d date decis diagram dick dig doesn done doubl douch drama draw e eat emot end enough ex excus experi expert explan f fag fail fake far feel figur find first foil forget fr frontal fuck fuckabl g get girl girlfriend give go goal god good gotta guy h happi hate head heartless hella help hold hurt ii iii introduc iv j john k key know l learn leav let lie like ll lot love m make malley median mention method micha might mind moran move much n nake name need never new nice o offer one option otherwis overdo p perfect person pick piss plan plant point prick probabl proceed protect pull pullout pushi pussi put q r rape re reaction read readi realli reason rethink right riski riskiest said say seed seem separ sex shit show skank skip slaughter sleep small smarter someth soon spot step still stray subtl sure talk tell think time top topic tree tri truli trusti u unless us use usual v vi vii viii w want wast watch whenev whole wilson won wonder world worri would wtf x y z