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14 Points Of Jinnah Essay

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In 1928,an All Parties Conference was convened to solve the constitutional problems of India.A committee was set up under Pandit Lal Nehru.That committee prepared a report which is known as "Nehru Report".This report demanded "Dominion Status" for India.Separate electorates were refused and the reservation of seats for the Muslims of Bengal and Punjab was rejected.In this report,not a single demand of the Muslims was upheld. Since Nehru Report was the last word from Hindus therefore Mr.Jinnah was authorized to draft in concise term the basis of any future constitution that was to be devised for India.Originally these demands were Fourteen in number and so they popularly came to be known as "Jinnah's Fourteen Points". In March 1929 ,at the annual session of All india Muslim league,he declared his famous fourteen points....

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