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14 Principles Of Henry Feyol Essay

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Assignment # 1
Name: Zohaib Ahmed
Reg # 2132072
Program: MBA
Subject: Principles of management

Q#1:- Management can be defined as “a process of bringing about improvement in knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes of the employees in an organization”. Discuss.

Of course we can say that manager can improve the knowledge of employees thorough managerial skills in many ways just like providing them proper information about the overall purpose of the organization and the goals that they want to achieve now and in the future. Manager must provide proper information to his employees for any crisis that are prevailing within the organization or any external forces that are affecting the internal environment of the organization. The management can also help the employees to improve their skills by training those employees those are less productive or management can setup special training program for them mentoring is another way to improve the skills of employees in which specialized person assist the non experienced or less experienced employees. Habits of employees can be changed like they have to come at time and their activities will be in favor of achieving overall organizational goals not in favor of the...

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