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14 Principles Of Management Essay

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14 Principles of Management  
1. Division of work : whole work should be divided into different parts and each individual should be assigned only one part of the work according to his ability and taste rather than giving the whole work to one person.   Ex : A company gives 10 workers to make 100 chairs. 3 workers should only cut the wood. 5 workers should only put them together. 2 workers should focus on polish the chairs.   2. Authority : the right to give orders and the power to exact obedience.   Ex: the CEO of a company has doubled the sales target of the sales manager for the coming year. To achieve this target, authority for appointing necessary sales representatives, advertising according to the need, etc.  3. Discipline : mean obedience, respect for authority, and observance of established rules.  Ex : if the employees break their promise of working up to their full capacity, it will amount to the violation of obedience. Similarly a sales manager has the authority t...

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