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14 Principles Of Management According Henry Essay

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14 Principles of Management
According to Henry Fayol management has 14 principles. Henry Fayol listed the 14 principles of management as follows: 1. Specialization of labor. Specializing encourages continuous improvement in skills and the development of improvements in methods. 2. Authority. The right to give orders and the power to exact obedience. 3. Discipline. No slacking, bending of rules.

4. Unity of command. Each employee has one and only one boss. 5. Unity of direction. A single mind generates a single plan and all play their part in that plan. 6. Subordination of Individual Interests. When at work, only work things should be pursued or thought about. 7. Remuneration. Employees receive fair payment for services, not what the company can get away with. 8. Centralization. Consolidation of management functions. Decisions are made from the top. 9. Scalar Chain (line of authority). Formal chain of command running from top to bottom of the organization, like military 10. Order. All materials and personnel have a prescribed place, and they must remain there. 11. Equity. Equality of treatment (but not necessarily identical treatment) 12. Personnel Tenure. Limited turnover of personnel. Lifetime employment for good workers. 13. Initiative. Thinking out a plan and do what it takes to make it happen. 14. Esprit de corps. Harmony, cohesion among personnel.

Out of the 14, the most important elements are specialization, unity of command, scalar chain, and, coordination by managers (an amalgam of authority and unity of direction). Henry Fayol synthesised 14 principles for organisational design and effective administration. It is worthwhile reflecting on these are comparing the conclusions to contemporary utterances by Peters, Kanter and Handy to name but three management gurus. Fayol's 14 principles are: 1. Specialisation/division of labour

A principle of work allocation and specialisation in order to concentrate activities to enable specialisation of skills and understandings, more work focus and efficiency. 2. Authority with corresponding responsibility

If responsibilities are allocated then the post holder needs the requisite authority to carry these out including the right to require others in the area of responsibility to undertake duties. Authority stems from:  

• that ascribed from the delegation process (the job holder is assigned to act as the agent of the high authority to whom they report - hierarchy) • allocation and permission to use the necessary resources needed (budgets, assets, staff) to carry out the responsibilities. • selection - the person has the expertise to carry out the responsibilities and the personal qualities to win the support and confidence of others. The R = A correspondence is important to understand. R = A enables accountability in the delegation process. Who do we cope with situations where R > A? Are there work situations where our R< A? "judgement demands high moral character, therefore, a good leader should possess and infuse into those around him courage to accept responsibility. The best safeguard against abuse of authority and weakness on the part of a higher manager is personal integrity and particularly high moral character of such a manager ..... this integrity, is conferred neither by election nor ownership. " 1916 A manager should never be given authority without responsibility--and also should never be given responsibility without the associated authority to get the work done. 3. Discipline

The generalisation about discipline is that discipline is essential for the smooth running of a business and without it - standards, consistency of action, adherence to rules and values - no enterprise could prosper. "in an essence - obedience, application, energy, behaviour and outward marks of respect observed in accordance with standing agreeme...

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