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Solids, Liquids and Gases
1. Regarding the following characteristics how are liquids different from gases? a. Expansion
Liquids have limited expansion. Gases will expand to fill the container they are in.
b. Shape
Liquids and gases have no definite shape.
c. Volume
Liquids maintain volume while gases expand to fill the volume of their container. d. Compressibility
Gases have high compressibility while liquids have low compressibility e. Density
Gases have low densities while liquids have high densities relative to gases. f. Mixing
Gases: Complete and Uniform
Liquids: Slow mixing
2. Describe how the presence of a constant vapor pressure is an example of a dynamic equilibrium.
Constant vapor pressure means that the system has reached dynamic equilibrium since the rate of the liquid particles becoming a gas is equal to the ra...

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