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Journal of Chemical Health Risks 3(1): 65-71, 2013

Determination of Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate in “Doogh” Samples in Post Market Surveillance in Iran 2012
B. Akbari-adergani1*, S. Eskandari1, N. Bahremand2

Food and Drug Laboratory Research Center, Food and Drug Organization, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran


Department of Food Science and Technology, Varamin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Varamin, Iran (Received: 5 January 2013

Accepted: 10 February 2013)

Abstract: Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are two major chemical preservatives which are used in Doogh (Iranian traditional dairy drink). In this study, a total of 27 commercial brands of highly consumed of Doogh samples were analyzed. The means and standard deviation for concentration of these preservatives based on HPLC results for analysis of benzoate and sorbate were 195·9 (SD 1·8) and 328·8 (SD 2·1) mg.Kg-1 respectively. The minimum and maximum of benzoate content in various brands were 18.3 and 2345.1 mg.Kg-1 and for sorbate were not detected and 4961.3 mg.Kg-1 respectively. The study revealed that there was not significant difference in preservative concentration in the samples that belonged to various dates. However, a few samples had a high preservative concentration, which could be a risk factor for human health, especially when their intake was being occurred by various foodstuffs simultaneously. Keywords: Preservative, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Doogh, post-market microbiological, enzymatic or chemical changes of


foods and to prolong shelf life and quality of
Doogh as an old and traditional drink of Iran has

foods; these also prevent consumer hazards due to

high value of nutrients (same as fermented milk

the presence of microbial toxin or pathogenic

and Yoghurt) and remedial property and has plenty

microorganisms and economic losses due to

full of healthfulness effects include: Improving

spoilage. The most commonly used preservatives

lactose digestion in individuals that have this

in many types of foods are benzoic and sorbic

difficulty; lowering serum cholesterol levels;

acids, nitrate and nitrite [2-3]. Benzoic and sorbic

stimulating the immune system [1]. Although

acids and their respective sodium, potassium and

using common salt is a major preservative for such

calcium salts are the most commonly used

a pleasure drink, but health legislations and















preservatives in food stuffs. These chemicals are
generally used to inhibit yeast and mould growth,
being also effective against a wide range of


bacteria. These compounds are most active in

important practice in modern food technology with

foods of low pH value and essentially ineffective

the increase in the production of processed and

in foods at neutral pH value [3-4]. At acidic pH,

convenience foods. These preservatives are added

where sorbic and benzoic acids and their salts

to stop or delay nutritional losses due to
Corresponding Author: B. Akbari-adergani, Food and Drug Laboratory Research Center, Food and Drug Organization, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran. email: [email protected]


Journal of Chemical Health Risks 3(1): 65-71 , 2013

effective, the lipophilic un-dissociated molecule is

and sorbic acid (SA) or sodium benzoate (E211)

freely permeable across the cell membrane.

and potassium sorbate (E202) has been reversed-

Subsequently upon encountering the higher pH

phase HPLC [8-9]. Some other analytical methods

inside the cell, the molecule dissociates resulting


in the release of changed anions and protons,

Spectrophotometry [11], Gas Chromatography-

which cannot cross the plasma membrane [5]. The

Mass Spectrometry [12], liquid chromatography

importance of food preservatives to consumers has

[4-5, 12-15] and SPME-HPLC [6] have also been

always been a health safety issue [2]. Although

reported. As can be seen, there are various

benzoic and sorbic acids and their salts are

methods for the analysis of these preservatives in

generally recognized as sa...

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inject injector inocul insid insoft institut instrument intak intens interest intern intoler introduct ion iran iranian isiri islam isocrat isom issn issu j jam januari jecfa jenewein joint journal jr juic k k.j keyword kralj krnt küçükçetin l labor laboratori lactobacillus lactos latot lc lead legisl level life limit line linear lino lipophil liquid liter local lod loq loss low lower lowest m m.a m.c.f m.f m.i m.k main major makalesi manag mani maria market market-basket mass matter mau maximum mean medic membran mend mention merck metabol method methodolog methylparaben mg mg.l mg.l-1 mg/kg micro microbi microbiolog microorgan milk millex milli milli-q millipor min minimum ministri mix mixtur mk3 ml ml.min mm mobil mode modern molecul mould mozina multipl n nectar neutral nitrat nitrit nm non non-immunolog novemb nutrient nutrit nylon o obtain occur occurr old olson oper optim order organ oven overlaid p pa particl particul path pathogen peak pena per percent percentag perform permeabl petroleum pezza ph pharmaceut phase pipett plasma plavec pleasur plenti plot portug posit post post-market potassium potentiometr practic pre pre-treat precis prepar presenc present preserv prevent previous primco prior procedur process processor produc product prohibit prolong properti propylparaben protect proton pseudo pump purchas purif purpos put pylypiw q q.c q2 qualiti quantif quantifi quantit quantiz quinc r r1 r2 rang rapid rate reaction reagent reason receiv recent recogn recov recoveri reduc refer region registr regress regul relat relationship releas reliabl remedi remov report repres requir research resolut respect respons restrict result retent reveal revers riponi risk rpm rykerslu s.a.v s.d s.s sa saad saccharin safe safeti saleh salt sampl sampler santini scienc sd section seem seen sensit sensor separ sequinel serum shelf show sigma signific similar simpl simplifi simultan size sm sodium solid solid-phas solut sonic sorbat sorbic special specif spectrometri 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