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Should new arrivals be allowed to apply welfare scheme from Hong Kong government? Tong Fong Ying
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Since 17th December, 2013, the final court adjudicated that the government required only new arrivals lived Hong Kong for seven years was allowed applying Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme from Social Welfare Department was against constitution. (FACV No. 2 of 2013). After the adjudication, the government changed the requirements of new arrivals’ residency years in application welfare scheme, therefore, new arrivals who have lived Hong Kong for one year was allowed to apply the welfare scheme. It was a controversial topic in Hong Kong society, many stakeholders was holding different opinion on the issue. In my opinion, it was a beneficial change for the new arrivals. I may share my details view and evidences in the following paragraphs. Before my sharing, I should state the keywords in the topic more clearly. The new arrivals in the topic mean the immigrants from mainland China who have lived Hong Kong less than seven years. They moved Hong Kong because they wanted to live with their family in same city. The welfare scheme from Hong Kong government can be refer as CSSA, Public Housing Scheme.

Firstly, the change of requirement on welfa...

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