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Reading Topics Ch. 23 part 3
Billion Dollar Congress p.520
Who is elected President in 1888? Who won more popular votes? In 1888 Grover Cleveland won the popular vote but lost the election when Benjamin Harrison got 233 electoral votes to Cleveland's 168. New speaker of the house- the “Czar? Republican Thomas B. Reed of Maine earned the nickname “Czar” Reed during the 1889-1891 session, when he heavy-handedly increased the speaker’s powers. Insurgent Republicans and Democrats joined forces in 1890 to tame Reed. 1st congress in history to do? Spent on ? Congress showered pensions on Civil War veterans and increased government purchases of silver. McKinley Tariff 1890? Highest? To keep the revenues flowing in-and to protect Republican industrialists from foreign competitors- The Billion-Dollar Congress also passed the McKinley tariff Act of 1890, boosting rates to their highest peacetime level ever (an average of 4...

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