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INSTRUCTIONS:You MUST submit thisdocument as your assignment. Other formats will not be accepted and you will receive a mark of zero. Do not try to change the layout of this document as it will not be accepted. Complete all details in Section 1 and start your assignment on Page 2. Ensure you enter your details in the headeron Page 2, they will appear on every page. Save the file as (e.g. 1123456BS1234).IMPORTANT: Save this file as a PDF, other formats WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Cardiff BusinessSchool

Section 1 (to be completed by the student)
Student Name:
Xiao Lin
Student Number:
Module Code:
Module Title:
Electronic Commerce and IT
Coursework Title:
Self-reflective statement
Submission date:
(Due by 1600 hrs on due date)
Date document last saved/printed:
(Updated automatically)

Section 2 ( To be completed by the Lecturer)
Number of words:

I am in group eight with teammates including Meng Li, Jiayu Liu, Yu...

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