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Submitted by- Pranjal Agrawal Roll No.-141440 Date-1/12/14 Newspaper-Business Standard News 1- Maharashtra tops FDI equity inflows.

Impact- A lot of investment will result in the development of Maharashtra. Competition to the local vendors. .
News 2- No green nod needed for 74 coal blocks to be auctioned in Feb. Impact- The allocation process will be very smooth and swift for private sector.

News 3- Govt wants better coordination between ministries during natural calamities. Impact- Better coordination will help a lot in tackling the emergency situations caused by calamities and providing the resourced to the people suffering.

News 4- Petrol price cut by 91 paise/litre, diesel by 84 paise. Impact- The price cut in diesel will make sure that the price of goods will not go up. News 5-Modi for land swap deal with Bangladesh to stop infiltration. Impact- This will help in stopping the Bangladeshi’s migrants coming to India a...

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