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1415 Asalanguera Clil Essay

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Name and surname(s): Ana Salanguera Busto
Login: ESFPMLAEILE1824144
Master edition: 2014-2015
Date: November 2014


1. Introduction 3
2. CLIL benefits 3
3. CILC possible drawbacks 4
4. The big problem: what to assess? 5
5. Conclusion 7
6. Bibliography 8

1. Introduction.
I am not sure if CLIL is the approach for the future, but what I strongly believe is that it is a very good approach and it could be very useful if it were implemented in a comprehensive way.
Nobody can deny the importance of English in our modern society. Focusing on children – who are the ones whom these measures are designed for- even those who at first sight do not recognise its importance and claim that they will not need it for their future, when you make them stop and think about the use of the language they make in their everyday lives, they realise that they actually use it more than they think: when playing videogames, watching videos on YouTube, listening to music, surfing the net looking for information about famous actors, singers, sportspeople…, even when using acronyms such as LOL, BFF, OMG… This is an exercise I tend to do with my students as a brainstorming at the beginning of the course to make them away of how English has come to stay.

2. CLIL benefits.
After years of teaching English as a second language in Spain, it has been proved that 3 hours a week are not enough for our children to achieve a good competence of the language at the end of their compulsory and/or post-compulsory education.

One of the main problems is that they have a Content Based approach, so what we find is that most times they learn how to form a passive construction, but they do not know how to use it in a real life situation. That is, language in our Educational System is seen as a product, not as a tool.

It is in this in this context where CLIL can mean a step further. As it name suggests – Content and Language Integrated Learning- it implies the study of subjects such as Literature, History or Science in a sec...

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