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Research Reflection Report (Assignment Format) – Guidelines for the Report These notes are designed to help you deliver and conduct a successful Research Reflection Report. The Research Reflection Report is a major piece of work and is designed to support your own self-critical consideration of your research and related business skills and demonstrate that you can:- Reflect and comment critically on what you have learnt during the programme and during the carrying out of your research activities Carefully consider the research which you have carried out and critically comment on this Discuss the relationship of your research, research sources and evidence, and researching activities to the production of your Major Project Critically comment on the key areas, examples, sources of your research Consider the relationship of your research, and researching, to both your Major Project and possible future employment opportunities Your Research Reflection Report is not only an academic exercise but also a piece of work which you may wish to use in future employment contexts to demonstrate your ability to consider the importance of research and researching to:- business planning,

business success,
organisational contexts
your own academic and business skills and the contribution which you can make to an organisation as a result of developing these skills The Research Reflection Report therefore aims to support the student’s ability to be self critical about their research. It also develops the students understanding and applicatio...

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