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Experimental Psychology Cover Sheet 2014-15
University Number: wy14940
Candidate Number: 14193

The unit code and title: PSYC10004 Foundations in Psychology Assignment: Cognitive Psychology Essay
Due date: 7/11/14
Question Number and Essay Title: 3. Is colour perception influenced by the language you speak? Word count (excluding title, abstract, cover sheet and references): 1549 I have checked this work through Turnitin: Yes

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The question of whether colour perception affected by language provides an interest in linguistic relativist hypothesis. In linguistic relativism, apart from linguistic thinking, non-linguistic thinking such as colour perception might be more controversial. This was because early studies concentrated on universalism hypothesis and operated experiments for their hypotheses. This essay will not tend to cover all kinds of thinking but narrow down to colour perception. In order to find out relationship between languages and colour perception, empirical findings and controversial arguments are provided.

Is colour perception influenced by the language you speak?
Linguistic relativity hypothesis shed a light on influence of languages. That is to say, linguistic relativity hypothesis tended to demonstrate whether language, not only semantic but also structure, would influence thoughts (Harnad, 2003). Universalism and relativism were two main arguments in this issue. In contrast to linguistic relativist, universalists claimed that colour perception might be universal. That is, colour perception and languages are independent so that languages have no effect on colour perception. To investigate the linguistic influence on colour perception, it is useful to gather empirical findings. From the empirical findings provided, it could be concluded that languages exactly played a role in colour perception due to criticisms on universalism. However, it should be cautious to judge the degree of linguistic effect by findings of bilinguals and brain regions. To structure this essay, first universalism hypothesis will be criticised and then advanced studies follow. Universalism

Universalists proposed two main examples to support their viewpoint, including categorisation and focal colours. Categorisation
First, it is believed that categorisa...

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