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Pollyana Notargiacomo Mustaro & Rogério Rossi, Project Management Principles Applied in Academic Research Projects, Volume 10, Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology,2013


The general objective of this paper is to establish link between academic research projects with The Project Management Theory.

Specific objectives of this paper are as follows:
1) Present the types of academic research projects that can be treated according to the precepts of the project.
2) Provide project management theoretical foundations.
3) Present part of the process groups of PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), a framework widely used in over a hundred countries, linking these process groups to the academic research projects.

To develop the proposed objectives and present the research results this paper is organized as follows: 1.Initially it described the Project Management Principles.
2. The processes involved in Initiating
3. Planning Process Groups are detailed based on PMBoK as well their relation with Academic Research Project. For each process group, their relation with the Knowledge Areas from PMBoK are detailed, and specific templates, as an Academic Research Project Plan Template, are presented.

Project Management Principles

Project management practices bring many benefits. These in turn cannot be easily measured...

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