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"Managing Motivation in a Difficult Economy"

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Raju Karki Shanker Raj Pandey
Rama Satyal
Ramesh KC
Sandeep Amir Kansakar
Sanjeev Shrestha
Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual intensity, direction and persistence of efforts towards attaining a goal. It is the result of interaction between an individual and the situation. Motivated person says "Nothing is impossible” and put his best effort on the task assigned. The different organizational topics covered on the case are as follows:- a. Organizational Justice:-

Organizational Justice is the overall perception of what is fair in the workplace. Disruptive Justice is the employee's perception of fairness of the amount and allocation of rewards among individuals. e.g. How much we get paid relative to what we think we should be paid? Similarly, Procedural Justice is the perceived fairness of the process used to determine the distribution of reward. For employees to see a process as a fair, they need to feel they have some control over the outcome and that they were given an adequate explanation about why the outcome occurred. Finally, Interactional Justice is an individual's perception of the degree to which she is treated with dignity, concern and respect. b. Diversity and Age:-

Workforce diversity can be studied under two headings:-
i. Surface level diversity: - This is the differences in easily perceived characteristics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, age or disability that may activate certain stereotypes. ii. Deep level diversity: - This is the differences in values personality and work preferences that get to know on another better. Age:-

Analyzing the perception of older worker, positively they have tremendous experience, judgment, a strong work ethic, and commitment to quality. On the other hand older workers also perceived as lacking flexibility, and resisting new technology. When any organization act...

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