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Written Assignment 3 - Term Paper - 20%
Due as single-spaced DOC or PDF document uploaded to Canvas before class begins Week 11 (2:30 p.m. Wed., March 25)
For this paper, you will analyze a digital game in the context of its platform, social and business implications. The writing should show clear thinking and a strongly presented argument. The purpose is to inform, explain (how), and describe (why). The paper must address these three concepts:

1. discusses one strand (Platform or Genre) of the game industry (such as mobile, PC, arcade, RPG, etc.);
2. shows how it is exemplified by a particular game and its design qualities; and 3. describes the underlying business model / conditions that led to its success or failure. The length of the paper might average 4-5 pages. Be concise in your writing - includ...

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