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Provincial Nominees: DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST


* This document is a Proprietary Property of Mercan and is not intended for sale or distribution by any unauthorized individual or organization.
* All documents must be legible and have English translation. If translation is attached, an affidavit from the translator describing his/her translation ability is required.
* Dependents include ONLY your spouse and, your children, or children of your spouse, who are not older than 22 and are not married or in a common-law partnership.
* A CERTIFIED TRUE COPY is a copy of a document certified as true to the original by the institution holding the original or by the legal authority duly authorized to certify a copy of a document. o Example 1: A copy of your original diplomas or transcripts must be certified as true by the administration or registrar of the educational institution (school, college or university) that issued your diplomas or transcripts or by an authorized legal authority (Ministry or Department of Education or other equivalent government bodies).

o Example 2: A copy of your birth certificate must be certified as true by the national, regional or municipal legal authority responsible for keeping civil status registers (National...

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