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1434747 The Construction Of Gender Applied Essay

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Assignment for Studying Management, ECONM1023

Management and Gender

The construction of gender applied on case analysis:
The operation on the risk gym and ladies only gym

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The construction of gender applied on case analysis: The operation on the risk gym and ladies only gym


Gender, as a product of social constructed, which comes from the social history, culture and social behaviors, reflects the different characters of masculine and feminine. As sex refers to biological difference between men and women, gender is seen as social roles and personal identity, which reflect the social imagines of masculine and feminine. Gender plays an essential role in the society, different society, different culture and social concepts requires different expects and requests of men and women, which can change through diverse time and places. For example, before the industrial revolution, medicine was always seen as the area of males in Europe but was seen as females’ jobs in Russia. It is obvious that gender is related to power, culture, opportunity, in equality and equality, etc. By the definition of social norms, feminine refers to passive, timed and emotional while masculine reflects active, dominating, adventure and rational. It seems that man and women have a variety of differences in terms of biological, bodily, social construction and personal identity, etc.

In Bristol, two gyms cover the two halves of a single building separately: the risk gym and the ladies only gym. From their websites, it seems that the risk gym is suitable for males who want to strengthen muscle and power (i.e. the social construction and expectation of masculine). On the other side, the ladies only gym seems cater to the social request of feminine and help women to build “female images”. Apparently these two gyms content the different requests of different genders, they offer opportunities for both male and female to keep in shape in their particular ways. This essay will analyze the operation of the two gyms based on gender theories: Essentialism, social constructivism and performativity.

Theories of gender

Gender is a field of multidisciplinary which can cover biology, politics, sociology, management and philosophy. Essential argue that gender as biological sex is essential, fixed and unchanging while social constructivism and performativity insist that gender as social roles comes from social norms and produced from repeating performance.

As one of the earliest theory of essentialism, Platonic idealism explains essential as “substance” or “form”; it suggests that behind all things and concepts there is an essential, which is everlasting and unchangeable. Essentialism considers that every entity (e.g., a group of people, a concept and an animal, etc) has a number of characteristics that reflects its identity and function. On the understanding of gender, essentialism insists that gender, as a characteristic, has already been determined when a person was burned and it is unchangeable and eternal. Opposite to social constructivism, essentialism enforces that sex and gender are determined by the congenital conditions and do not influence by social conditions and historical environment. According to essentialism, it seems that gender binaries categories people into male and female. Males are always rational, independent, objective, dominating and strength while females are emotional, passive, dependent and timid. Even though essentialism has successfully applied on a number of categories in many areas, it is still criticized by social constructivism, especially feminist.

As Simone de Beauvoir (1953) claimed that no one burns but rather becomes a woman. Social constructivism believes that gender is not a product of congenital attribute but a result of social values and norms. As sex is biologically property of people, gender looks like social identity which be influenced by complex social elements such as nationalities, culture and history. Social imposed attributes and behaviors that are assigned to the categories of masculine and feminine (Milestone and Meyer, 2012).

Different societies have different culture and value, which means that gender has unique categories and definitions by different social norms. For example, Asian women are requested to be slight so that one of the characters of feminine is constructed in Asia. The...

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