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1436603 Diarised Account Essay

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Module Code: ED4009
Student Number: 1436603

Module Name: perspectives of childhood development

Day of Class/Tutor Name Tuesday, Richard and Karen

Date Due: 7/11/14

Date Submitted: 6/11/14

Assessment Word Count: 1500
Actual Word Count: 1692

Please reflect on your experience in carrying out this assignment/completing this module and let us know in the statements below:

1. In the process of doing this I learned to listen and appreciate other people’s situations and lifestyles. I also learnt to work with people in groups in and out of campus which is a big achievement for me. Also the effect of social, political, historical, cultural and environmental influences has on children and their upbringing and development, it has also taught me to have the same frame of thinking with not just children but on an everyday basis.

2. What I found to be most difficult was understanding the assignment at first, Karen’s moodle book was amazing. I could not grasp the concept of the cultural statement at first, and with some inconsistency with group members but once that was sorted it became a lot clearer.

3. I think that the strength of this is acknowledging what is going on around us and that good family relations gives a positive impact of development. Group work and collaboration also played a major part of the strengths of this assignment.

4. The most useful piece of feedback from previous assessments that I have put into practice here is… Haven’t had any as yet

I have read and understood:-
I. All coursework deadlines are solely measured by a radio control digital clock at the Cass School of Education Helpdesk. Coursework submitted after the deadline will be marked as LATE. II. The instructions for carrying out this assignment

III. The criteria by which this assignment will be marked
IV. I confirm that the work submitted is complete and adequately secured before submission. V. I understand that failure to comply with UEL’s examination and assessment regulations will be considered grounds for failure in this coursework and potentially the programme as a whole. VI. I confirm that no part of this assignment, except where clearly quoted and referenced, has been copied from material belonging to any other person e.g. from a book; handout; other student. I am aware that this is a breach of UEL regulations to copy the work of another without clearly acknowledgement and that attempting to do so renders me liable to disciplinary proceedings

Student Number………………………………… 6/11/14
Date ………………….

Please note that each action MUST BE completed/che...

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