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1450 1750 Era Study Guide Essay

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Absolutism- Divine right gives the ruler the right to do whatever they want African Diaspora- dispersal of African people and their descendants Amerindians- natives in the new world, lived mostly on the coast Anglican Church- church in England that had broken away from Catholicism (pope wouldn’t let king henry VIII divorce his wife) Australia- area in the Oceanias that remained secluded from the rest of the world during globalness Balance of Power- Europe had this, where no country was allowed too much strength, but Maria Teresa inherited all the Hapsburg land and threw this balance off , Prussia called war to stop thisf Bartolomeu Dias- proved it was possible to sail from Europe to IOB, around Cape of good hope Boers- Dutch for “farmer”

Brazil- a Portuguese colony with lots of sugar plantations, in New world Capitalism- form of economy where the government doesn’t interfere at all CAPTAIN James Cook- led 3 journeys into Pacific, died in Hawaii Caravel- ships made by the Portuguese

Catholic Reformation- When the church that the Protestants broke away from tried to make a counter action and improve them Charles V- inherited the Hapsburg part of the Holy Roman Empire , concentrated on Lutheranism, didn’t expand/strengthen the Holy Roman Empire Christopher Columbus- tried to reach Asia by sailing west, reached Americas Columbian Exchange- The exchange of goods between the Old and New World Conquistadores- the Spanish conquerors who took over much of the New World Constitutional Governments- where ...

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