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McDonalds is the largest fast food company in the world and also the worlds number one supplier of food-serving an estimated 68 million people everyday (that’s roughly about 1% of the worlds population) with 75 hamburgers sold every second in 119 countries with 35.000 McDonalds outlets.

McDonald's isn't just the largest food chain in the world but it is also the largest distributor of toys in the world. The company started in 1940 with brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald running a small but efficient hamburger joint. Business man Ray Kroc saw potential in opening more McDonald’s restaurants and five years later he bought the name of the brothers. The rest is history. McDonald's is the most visited food chain in the world but how did it become so popular?

We went to find out and we found three main reasons why it is the most popular food chain in the world. The staff is filled with experts in marketing and spend millions, even billions of dollars each year for advertisements. The Variety on the McDonald's menu is very large and can appeal to almost any human being on earth. In recent years there have been many health promoting campaigns and McDonald's has been a target of these campaigns. We researched what McDonald's did to counter that.


The McDonald’s name and brand is the sixth most valuable brand in the world ergo the sixth most known in the world. In 2013 McDonald's spent 988 million dollars on a...

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