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BEO 3517 International Trade Practices Semester 3, 2013
roup A
ssignment 2 (10%of total subject marks)
Assignments are to be done in groups of approx. 5 students and the group is to indicate the apportionment of marks to each group member (by indicating marks next to student signatures on the cover sheet).

D date: A advised by your lecturer
Part O due at the beginning of tutorials in week X
On Monday 4 March, (week2) you are to obtain the following information: 

The spot rate for the United States Dollar - USD (you MUST provide hard copy evidence of where this information was obtained)

You will have to decide whether you will enter into a forward exchange contract or not. The value of the contract is as per the product you are selling below (listed in Part 2) You are to give your group’s work to your tutor who will sign this and ret...

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