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Ayushi Bagaria
Raja Guru Dass Street

Kolkata - 700006
West Bengal

Dear Ms. Ayushi Bagaria,
With reference to your application and subsequent interviews with us, it gives us great pleasure to offer you a promising career with ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd. An appointment letter along with the terms and conditions of employment will be issued to you on joining. The broad terms and conditions of your employment will be as follows: You will be employed with ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd., hereinafter referred to as IVL.

You shall be designated as Sales Manager, Sales Tied Agency reporting to Associate Branch Manager or any person designated by him/her or the company may subsequently specify.

Your principal location of employment will be at Mangoe Lane - Kolkata. However, IVL reserves the right to change your location of operation at its sole discretion.

IVL shall pay during the continuance of your employment hereunder an Annual Fixed Component of Rs. 400000/- (Rupees Four Lakhs Only /-) ( including Business Conveyance & Business Telephone, Reimbursements, wherever applicable). In addition, you shall also be entitled to Performance Linked Incentive/ Bonus. You shall be eli...

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