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14691 Ecology Essay

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• Ecology is the scientfc study of interactons among organisms and their environment, such as the interactons organisms have with each other and with their abiotc environment.
• Abiotic: Physical, or nonliving, factor that shapes an ecosystem. Examples include rocks, climate, pressure and humidity.
• Biotic: Living factors such as plants, animals, fungi, protst and bacteria are all biotc or living factors.
• Habitat: the area where an organism lives, including the biotc and abiotc factors that affect it.
• Niche: describes the relatonal positon of a populaton or species in an ecosystem. The niche describes how populaton reacts to the abundance of its natural resources and enemies.

Organizaton of ecosystem

An individual is any living thing or organism. Individuals do not breed with individuals from other groups.
A group of individuals of a given species...

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