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1492 Essay

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In the year of 1492, the man who brought tragedy to the Americas was seen as a hero to us, but little did we know what he really did. Every elementary kid learned that Christopher Columbus found America in an honorable way. We also have a national holiday just for him. They never told us though how he was looking for the Indies and thought he was in China. In reality he was lost and had no clue he was in America. They also did not show us how he actually treated the people on the islands when he met them. He was cruel to them just because they could not understand him and he took away their land just because he wanted to. Christopher Columbus was a really bad man, but was taught to us as a good man. What really happened in the year 1492 was that Columbus was a liar, he ordered his men to kill and hurt people, and he was a slave trader. Columbus got permission to sail westward to find China from Ferdinand of Argon and Isabella of Castille. He had told them the trip was for a good cause. He wanted to spread their religion and have others be known and welcome others to it. T...

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