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149223 Specimen Mark Scheme For Paper Essay

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General Certificate of Education
Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level


For Examination from 2014

Paper 2 Theory and Methods

1 hour 30 minutes


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Section A

(a) What is meant by the term feral children?


Feral children have been denied human contact in the period of primary socialisation, having been confined and isolated and in some cases possibly ‘raised’ by animals. An accurate definition along these lines would achieve full marks. A simple, partial definition – such as ‘children brought up by animals’ – may be awarded one mark. (b) Describe how any two norms may be linked to social values in a society.


One mark for each social norm that is correctly identified (1 × 2) and one mark for satisfactorily linking it to an appropriate social value (1 × 2). Values might include those such as fair play (queuing), privacy (knocking on doors), human life (drink-driving rules, various health and safety norms), material acquisition (hard work/long hours/work punctuality), according respect to the elderly (giving up seats on public transport) etc. Reward should be given for any reasonable example.

(c) Explain why individuals and groups generally conform to accepted standards of behaviour.
0–4 Answers at this level are likely to make only limited use of relevant sociological concepts and theories. A few common-sense observations about why people are likely to accept social norms and values would be worth 2 or 3 marks. Some attempt to explain the power of socialising agents to promote conformity might b...

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