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Federal Emergency Management Agency
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Federal Emergence Management Agency
The Presidential Reorganization Plan under the Department of Homeland and Housing in 1979 initiated FEMA in 1978. FEMA’s work is to take action to a disaster that overcomes the state and the local authorities. Offer low interest rate loans to people with the assistance of the Small Business Administration. This loan in turn helps them to open businesses, which can help them repay the loans and improve their standards of living. Reduce the dependency rate whereby the young, elderly or the poor expect much from their well up relatives. The funds help the elderly to reduce stress by thinking a lot because they are living alone and the young to avoid engaging in immoral behaviors because of their idle minds. Offers assistance on a state property affected by a disaster either within its geographical area or without. The governor of a state makes a request to the President for FEMA to respond to a disaster. Since it’s conception in April 1, 1979, FEMA has the nation dedicated agency to mange national disasters, has supported American with numerous crisis like the Great Midwest Floods of 1993, 1994 Northridge Earthquake, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Hurricane Katrina 2005, Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012, The World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and The attacks on the Pentagon and The World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. History of FEMA

In 1803, the US congress passed the first legislation measure to provide relief for merchants in Portsmouth by giving them more time for remitting tariffs on imported goods. The ad-hoc legislation between 1803 and 1930 was passed severally for compensation after a disaster. For example, after the Great Wall fire incident in 1835, the New York City merchants received waive on tariff duties. After Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, the congress passed legislation to compensate those injured at John T. Ford’s theatre. In 1932, President Herbert Hoover commissioned the Reconstruction Finance Corporation after the Great Depression in 1929. The RFC work was to lend money to institutions and banks for stimulation of economic activities. RFC was responsible for releasing federal dollars during disasters thus it is considered as the first federal disaster response agency. In 1934, Public Roads Bureau was allowed to finance reconstruction of roads and highways after a disaster. The U.S Army Corps of Engineers was given authority over irrigation projects and flood control by the Flood Control Act 1944. In 1973, President Reorganization Plan no.1 brought federal disaster recovery and relief under the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Disaster Assistance Administration was formed as unit in the department (, n.d). The agency’s function was to o...

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