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Waterford Institute

of Technology

Cover Sheet for Continuous Assessment/Project Work

Course Title & Year: Bachelor of Business Year 2

Group: BBUS1

Subject: Law 2

CA/Project Title: Business Law

Supervising Lecturer: Jason O’Riordan

Student Name: Sophie Hearne

Student No: 20063890

Word Count: 1827


I hereby declare that this is my own work and that I have clearly identified with the appropriate referencing system where I have obtained assistance from a third party (e.g. www, textbook, magazine, catalogue, interview, and colleague).



Table of Contents

Table of Cases ii
Table of Statutes iii
Scenario 1 1
Introduction 1
Main Body 1
Conclusion 3
Scenario 2 4
Introduction 4
Main Body 4
Conclusion 6
Bibliography iv

Table of Cases
Aldi -v- Tesco [2012]
Vodafone Ireland Limited -v- Telefonica Ireland Limited [2012 2014] 87 MCA Ms. Heffernan -v- Dunnes Stores [2009]

Table of Statutes
The European Communities (misleading and comparative marketing communications) regulations 2007 The Consumer Protection act 2007
The Unfair Dismissals act, 1977
The European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 2003 The Unfair dismissal Act 1997-2007
The Employment Acts 1973-2005

Scenario 1

Matt, who owns a retail outlet store has recently noticed an advertisement from his main competitor’s store. He believes that this advertisement is very misleading. The advertisement compares prices of items in Matts store to the prices in his competitor’s store. Matt has found that his competitor had wrongfully compared items such has comparing leading brands to own brands and comparing promotional prices with standard prices. Matt is seeking advice as to what legal actions he should take concerning this problem. This essay is set out to highlight the relevant laws and steps that Matt should take to win his case. It will also offer Case Law to give Matt an idea of possible outcomes that he can expect. Main Body

In pursuing legal action Matt must firstly build a case against ...

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