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14 Fa Midterm Essay

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CIS133DA MIDTERM Fall 2014

Part One – Matching
[10 points] 10 questions at 1 point each

1. Pat is helping build an interactive Web site where visitors can build and dress their own teddy bear. Which of the following statements is a good recommendation for Pat to follow? a) The Web pages on the site should each have a different layout to keep users interested. b) The Web site should vary where the site navigation links are located on each page. C Pat should explore other Web sites that share a similar audience. d) The site’s purpose should be somewhat mysterious so that users keep exploring.

2. While most tags occur in pairs, some tags, known as ____, are used by themselves. a) lone tags
b) one-sided tags
c) single tags
d) solo tags

3. In your browser, the _________ is the location where you can enter the address of a web page or web site (like that you wish to view. a) address bar
b) file manager bar
c) home bar
d) map bar
e) style bar

4. At the e...

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