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14 Mk1 E0011 Mtob Essay

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Contingency approach is usually be called Situational Approach, where there is no body universally applicable set of management principles (rules) by which to manage organizations. It depends on the situation and condition of the organization and workers. Organizations are individually different, face different situations and require different ways of managing. For practicing managers, they will face many differences in organizations. We can make them benefit by using the Contingency Approach. From the organization size, routines of task technology, environmental uncertainty and individual differences. By contingency approach, we can make some ways in order to increase the performance of the practicing managers. Routine of task technologies that require organizational structures, leadership styles and control systems can be a motivation for them, because when they are practicing managers, they will try to find ways to encounter and minimize the problems they will face. Besides, there are environmental uncertainty and individual differences that practicing managers will face. By these happen, they will be motivated and they will do their best in order to keep them away from those things, they will optimize their tasks and jump into a competition among them tha...

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