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15 Amendment 1 Essay

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Mrs. Hoffman

US History II

March 24, 2011

Barriers Formed by the South Imposing the 15th Amendment

During the Civil War of 1861, the black vote was nearly impossible to achieve. In 1870, the 15th Amendment was enacted which gave Africans Americans the right to vote. By passing this Amendment, southern whites became extremely angered and thus found ways to work around the Amendment. Some important barriers to avoid the amendment were white-only primaries and also poll-taxes. Others were grandfather clauses, and literacy tests. Although the Amendment was created to grant suffrage to African American males, the South created poll-taxes and used white only primaries to deny them from voting.

In the United States, voting is among one of many privileges granted to the citizens. After the Revolutionary War, white male who owned property were only allowed to vote (Pendergast et al. 300). During the 1860's and earlier, black men were denied to vote in elections, causing an altercation among Congress. The Reconstruction period were the years following the Civil War, which called for three constitutional amendments (Newman 75). One of which happened to be the 15th Amendment. The Amendment was passed February 26,...

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