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15 Basic Appeals Essay

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15 appeals essay
Advertisements are part of our everyday lives. From the moment that we step outside we are surrounded by ads posted on billboards to transportation to even blimps or jets painting the sky with car insurance propaganda. In the article, “Advertising’s fifteen basic appeals” Jib Fowels explains that the goal of the advertiser is to convince the consumer through physiological and psychological levels. By doing so the advertisement would have to include one or two of the basic appeals Jib Fowels listed in his article. A few examples of these are the need to nurture, the need for sex, need for escape or need to affiliate. As I read through a Women Health magazine 3 out these 15 appeals stood out to me the most.

The first appeal is the need to achieve, which is the ability to accomplish something difficult and succeed identifies the product with winning. Sports f...

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