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15 China Essay

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Dixon Stone
Mrs. Thomas
Honors English I
January 22, 2012
15 China
“Pretty girls in fine dresses and stylish bonnets filled the open carriage that came up the hill from China Street and turned down the main dirt thoroughfare, Washington Street.” This is how local author, Gordon Cotton, begins his story about the famous brothel, 15 China. If one would try to locate 1500 China Street today, they would find a three way stop; the last number on the street being 1625. Though the house was torn down in 1970, its stories still last, in Vicksburg and all over the world. “Only a few years ago a ham operator here made contact with someone in Hong Kong… The man halfway around the world immediately asked the Vicksburger, ‘Is 15 China still in business?’” If one asked a true Vicksburger today, they would be filled with stories of the famous home, as it has always been a topic of provocative conversation. Though the house is an object of fable and story, it truly did exist as a brothel. Therefore, in accordance with popular...

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