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Seth Roberts

Page 6 Is the Crookes tube a lot like the vacuum tube?
Yes the Crooks tube is a lot like the vacuum, because it has a cathode and an anode. On page 6 it states “an air pump reduces the pressure in the glass tube. When a high voltage is applied between the two electrodes (cathode and anode, negatively charged particles more from the cathode (positive electrode).” This is like a vacuum tube because they both have an anode, and cathode. Page 23 Why does the potato turn green in the experiment?

The potato turns green because the copper and the potato have a chemical reaction and if forms copper salt which is green. On page 23 it states “it was formed when copper metal for the coin reacted with chemicals in the potato to from copper salts which are green”. This is how the Page 15 On page 15 what is the difference between diagram A and diagram B?

The difference between diagram A and diagram b is where the foil is and the charge of the object. On page 15 it stat...

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