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15 Goals For Band Essay

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1. Reset quickly and quietly
2. Give 3 compliments to strangers
3. Help out 3 people during this practice (helping carrying, etc) 4. Get to know one stranger not in your section
6. Consistent 1 count set
7. Only section leaders + staff talk on field
10. Quick and quiet transitions
11. Quiet and fast water breaks and gushes ...

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1 10 100 11 11.make 12 13 14 15 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 act adher arc ask back band best better block box break broad camp carri compliment consist count d ddd differ dm dot dress drill effici end ensembl enter entir etc everi everyon fast field find first five fix focus form full get give goal great gush help high horn improv keep kind know last later leader least like make mistak music name need one open outsid peopl perform pick play plus practic quick quiet random rehears rememb rep reset rooki run section section/meet set show sometim staff staff/section stay stranger stretch strong talk thing three time today transit trash two visual water