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15 Minutes Of My Summer Essay

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15 Minutes in the Mangroves

Over the summer I took a trip to Siesta Key, Florida. We were . The tour was going steady and we were having a great time when we finally reached the island we ate our lunch. Once we were done our tour guide told us we could kayak over to the mangroves that were located on the island and go through them. It seemed like a nice idea so I decided to kayak over to the mangroves along with my brother and mother who were in separate kayaks. When we finally made it to the mangroves the water was murk, and there were trees coming out of the water and forming almost an umbrella over the kayaks. I quickly paddled over to the inviting trees leaving my brother and mother behind. As I went through the mangroves the whole idea of it quickly dispersed, for I had seen a snake laying across on...

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