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Experiment 14: Intermolecular Forces and the Triple Point of CO2

1/31/13 Peter Sahwell

2/7/13 No Partner Chemistry 1046L-sec#30
Jingcheng Fu

The reason for doing this experiment is twofold: The first experiment was performed to study the effects of intermolecular forces on the temperature of a liquid. A thermometer was used to observe the temperature changes of liquids A-E after being placed in a 10 ml beaker. The liquids are: methanol, isopropanol, n-hexane, acetone, and water. Its identities will later be determined and explained using our observations and data. The goal was to see how and why different liquids have different temperatures. The second experiment was carried out to observe the solid state of CO2 at room temperature. At room temperature, carbon dioxide is at its triple point, meaning that all three states of matter exist within it. We took the dry ice and placed it in a small, closed pipette. Using this method, the pressure of the CO2 could be determined using Boyle’s law; measured by a micro gauge created i...

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