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15 Qualities To Become A Leader Essay

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15 Qualities To Become A Great Leader!!!Presentation Transcript 1. QualitiesBecome A Great Leader!!!
2. Becoming a great leader takes commitment and effort. Becoming a great leader isn’tabout charisma or chance. It’s about developing the skills necessary to lead, motivate,and influence people in good and bad times. Although there are many skills that makesomeone a leader, here are 15 key traits that make a person a great leader. 3. Quality # 1 : They’re lifelong learnersGreat leaders never stop learning about their industry, themselves, their team, andhow to best motivate their people. They realize that there is never a point when you―know it all.‖ There is always something new to learn. 4. "In thinking there is creating, increating there is doing, in doing there is learning, in learning there is success." 5. Quality # 2 : They’re intelligent – both IQ and EQNo one wants to work for a dummy. Everyone wants to be in continuous learningmode. Great leaders provide a smart platform for their people. When the leaderis a bit slow on the uptake it’s difficult to sustain motivation. 6. A boat doesnt go forward if each one is rowing their own way. - Swahili Proverb 7. Quality # 3 : They listenGreat leaders understand the 2:1 ratio—two ears and one mouth. Leaders don’t just barkorders. They listen to their team, their customers, their peers, and their competitors becausethey know it is the best way to understand a situation so they can make the best decisionpossible. 8. "Be eager to listen,but be care...

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