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15 Research Step 1 2 Essay

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Research Project Introduction & Overview

Objectives: To conduct in-depth research on a topic relating to racial inequality in American history
To learn and practice good on-line research methods
To design an interesting, creative, educational project to share with classmates

Students today need to learn about the proper and appropriate methods of doing on-line research. This project is designed to fit in with our next literature unit and allow you to learn about doing good research while actually doing it. Each step will receive a Daily Assignment grade, and the steps of the project will build on each other as we go. If a step has not been completed successfully, you will be required to correct and re-submit it before moving forward. The finished effort will be your largest individual Project grade of the year.

This is a long-term project, and in order to complete it successfully, you MUST have all paperwork, research, notes, and steps together at all times! Good organization is essential! You will be assigned one step of the project at a time, rather than getting the entire thing at once. That way, it’s not quite so overwhelming!

Step 1 – Preliminary Research & Digital Account Set-Up

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