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The Initial contact came when a teenage girl name Precious Williams told her mother Tammy Williams she had been rape. Precious, mother Tammy place a frantic call to '911' to have a police officer dispatch out to their home. Then the Investigation begin after the arrival of Officer Tyson,he introduce him self to Precious, then set down at the table with Precious to get more detail information of the crime. Officer Tyson ask her to speak her full name, date of birth, address, and contact information. 'Precious replied' to Officer Tyson, then he begin to question Precious asking when,where, and the time the incident took place, or did she know the suspect. Precious hesitates to answer, since her mother was listening, she lift her head and look at her mother crying, saying it happen at my father's house, her father Lawrence Williams was the suspect that had being raping her for the past three months, drugging her with sleep aids.Tammy and Officer Tyson looked in despair and ask Precious are you positive it's your father, Precious responded yes I'm 100% positive. Then Officer Tyson requested Tammy take Precious to the hospital to have a rape examination. At the hospital Precious is first met ...

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