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15 Uses Of The Tooth Paste Essay

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15 Uses of the Tooth Paste that you Never Know.......

Beauty Uses

Toothpaste contains many useful ingredients that can be soothing and healing to the skin. For this reason, you'll be able to use toothpaste to help you with the following issues:

1) Pimples. Reduce redness and the size of your pimples with a dab of toothpaste. Let it sit overnight, then rinse away in the morning for a noticeable difference.

2) Brittle fingernails. Since our nails are made of the same enamel as teeth, toothpaste can do a lot to help them. Simply give your nails a good scrub with some toothpaste for cleaner, shinier, stronger nails. You'll also get that dirt out from underneath them in no time!

3) Fly-away hair. A gel toothpaste is largely made with the same ingredients as basic hair gels, so you'll be able to...

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