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15 Word Positioning Strategy Essay

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How to Execute a 15-Word Strategy (Positioning) Statement by Alessandro Di Fiore  |   8:00 AM April 29, 2014
There is no shortage of stories and anecdotes to illustrate how the best strategies can nearly always be reduced down to a brief but powerful statement and even more ink has been spilled describing the dangers of strategy statements that read like detailed action plans. But how do you go about actually crafting — and using — a 15-word strategy statement? My approach is based on narrative techniques. I begin by working with clients to write a story based on this template: Once upon a time there was (insert a name who exemplifies your target customer/consumer) …. . Every day he/she (insert here his/her frustration or job to be done) …. . One day we developed (insert here the product/solution and what are actually the 2-3 things we offer or not) … . Until finall...

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