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15 Year Difference Essay

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Brooke Welchert
Comp. Tue/Thur
Dr. Kosse
La Mesa Mexican Restaurant
Want to make your taste buds do the Cucaracha? Take the taste tingling trip to La Mesa Mexican Restaurant. When walking into La Mesa Mexican Restaurant it is as if you crossed the border. The walls are coded in Mexican art and decoration. Top hit Mexican music is played softly throughout the restaurant twenty-four seven. Although it sounds clustered and obnoxious the restaurant feels very welcoming and open. Unl...

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15 9/20/2014 ad agre along although amaz appet around art atmospher basket best big border breast brook bud bump charm chicken chocol choic churro cluster code come comp compar consist cook could cream cross cucaracha cuisin decid decis decor delici dessert devour differ dr drench encourag enjoy enough entre entré ever everyon excel excit experi famili favorit feel find food four friend fun get grill hesit high hit hous import jalapeno known koss la last le lettuc love made make mani marin meal member mention menu mesa mexican mouthwat move much music nacho new night noth obnoxi omaha one open order outstand peopl person pico place plain platter play probabl recommend respect restaur room roomi safe sauc say seat select seven shoulder side sit soft sound sour spread staff start steam still sure tabl take tast tequila throughout tingl top tri trip tue/thur twenti twenty-four unlik veget visit waitress walk wall want welchert welcom well whenev without work would year