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152 232 Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Semester One 2013

Time allowed: THREE (3) hours
20 Multichoice Questions

40 Marks

Answer on Scantron card supplied

Answer ALL three questions
Each question is worth 20 marks

60 Marks

100 Marks


Scantron Cards
Ensure that your name and identification number are entered on your Scantron Card. Record your answer on your Scantron Card by putting a solid horizontal pencil line through the character representing the ‘best’ answer to the question with a blunt 2B or 3B pencil. The Scantron Card will not read properly if you do not follow these instructions. At the conclusion of the examination hand in the Scantron Card/s separately.

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Each question is worth 2 marks. Please select the best option. Answer using the Scantron Card provided.


Within the topic of consumer learning we addressed the topic of behavioural learning and looked at a number of learning theories. A considerable amount of learning takes place as a result of consumer thinking and problem-solving. What learning theory does this relate to? a. Modeling or observational learning

b. Cognitive learning theory
c. Instrumental conditioning
d. Classical conditioning
e. Memory


Consumer’s level of involvement has a profound impact on customer’s decision making. Select the statement you view as most appropriate a. Level of involvement is a definite personality trait
b. Level of involvement influences the route of persuasion: high involved people tend to be more persuaded by the central route
c. Customers experiencing high levels of involvement are more likely to use heuristics as a basis for decision making
d. People with high levels...

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