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The Questionnaire Velociq-101


1. A Process defines basically :
Answer : ...Choose...A running Program Who is doing what when and how to reach a specific goal A new procedure to be implemented All of the above 2. ISO, CMM, Six Sigma are
Answer : ...Choose...Quality models Tools Programming LanguagesCoding Standards
3. The International Standard for Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 emphasizes on :

Answer : ...Choose...

a. Process Quality (rather than product Quality)
b. Product Quality
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. Critical Component quality

4. Maintenance Process Model is best suited for
Answer : ...Choose...Problem resolution on existing software products Interface modification due to changes in hardware or software environment Minor functional enhancements or performance improvement of the existing software All of the above

5. In Wipro which model representation of CMMI was adopted Answer: Choose...

a. Rank model
b. Linear model
c. Staged model
d. Process area model

6. Achieving the goal of means your product will be defect free to an extent of: Answer : ...Choose...

a. 13.5 defects per million opportunities
b. 3.4 defects per million opportunities
c. 4.4 defects per million opportunities
d. 4.3 defects per million opportunities

7. _______ is a process of examining whether the process conforms to the defined quality system: Answer : ...Choose...(Doubt)
a. Audit
b. Assessment
c. Testing Review

8. All Configuration Audit issues are recorded in -------------- and tracked to closure: Answer : ...Choose...
a. Software Configuration Audit Report (SCAR)
b. Software Configuration Order Form (SCOF)
c. Baseline Record
d. PMR

9. The process followed in the software development project should be: Answer : ...Choose...Client specified processes Processes as described in velociQ. Tailored ODC specific processes Any One of the above

10. Which of this is a planned mechanism for Defect Prevention? Answer: ...Choose...
a. Look Ahead Meetings(doubt please check while answering)
b. PDMR and PMR reviews
c. Customer feedback
d. All of the above

11. Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself? Answer : ...Choose...V-Process Model Maintenance model Rational Unified Process Model 2I Process Model

12. You are a Project Engineer who has just joined Wipro. You want to know all your responsibilities as defined by veloci-Q for your role. Where would you go? Answer : ...Choose...PDB Treasure House Guidelines Navigator
13. Six Sigma measures defects based on:
Answer : ...Choose...the team’s decision Wipro’s Senior management’s perception Customer’s perception number of defects in the project
14. _______ is a monthly mechanism to track metric trends, exceptions of metrics and ensure Process Improvements in the Business Unit Answer : ...Choose...QICs Look Ahead Meetings PIP Board meetings Quality meet

15. Deviations from the stated processes that are identified during the audit are recorded as Answer : ...Choose...Non-Conformances Process Improvement Proposal Process Improvement and Process Development Creation of Work Plans

16. Which of the following can be used to validate the design Answer : ...Choose...Proof Of Concept Voice Of Customer (VOC)LOC Function points
17. The FS document may address
Answer : ...Choose...Functional requirements of the system Interface requirements Environmental constraints All of the above
18. Organisation’s Customer Focus should meet the needs and expectations of: Answer : ...Choose...The customers and end users People in the Organisation Suppliers and partners All of the above

19. __________________ is a mechanism of maintaining the mapping between requirements and products resulting from the requirements. Answer : ...Choose...Design document Requirements Traceability Functional design Test cases

20. The set of actions to be taken to minimize the occurrence of Risk is documented as part of Answer : ...Choose...Contingency plan Mitigation Plan Defect Prevention Report Risk Tracker

21. veloci-Q has a ____ -tier architecture
Answer : ...Choose...234 Multi-dimensional

22. Which phases of SDLC can be sources for errors?
Answer : ...Choose...RS, Design, CUT, IT, ST & ATRS, Design, CUT, IT & STRS, Design, CUT & ITRS, Design & CUT
23. Which of the below statements is incorrect on shared vision Answer : ...Choose...Team members of the project should participate while evolving shared vision Shared vision is evolved from individual goals and objectives Shared vision is documented in the project plan Customer needs are considered while evolving project shared vision

24. Each phase /activity of a life cycle model is represented in veloci-Q by the ____________ Criteria Answer : ...Choose...WBS DMADVETVX SDLC

25. The prevention activities coming out of a LAM is documented in Answer : ...Choose...
a. Project Plan
c. Defect Prevention Report
d. Risk Plan

26. Voice Of Customer (VOC) can be used to
Answer : ...Choose...Prioritize customer requirements Select requirements Analyze customer requirements Requirements traceability
27. The data and information of all previously executed projects are in the: Answer : ...Choose...Project data bank PIP DB Treasure house Navigator 28. The CMMI level 5 stage is termed as a :
Answer : ...Choose...Repeatable stage Optimizing stage Iterative stage Defined stage
29. Project Performance Analysis (PPA) is an exercise which examines : Answer : ...Choose...Lessons learnt and best practices Individual performance Process Improvement Proposals Conformance of requirements

30. The Six Sigma methodology we use for new product/ process development: Answer : ...Choose...DMAIC DSSS
+Veloci-Q TQSS

31. This is the testing procedure according to which modules, sub modules are tested and test case verification is done Answer : ...Choose...Functional testing Module testing Unit testing System testing
32. As per veloci-Q, in a project following V process model – the activity to define acceptance Test Plan is recommended as part of Answer : ...Choose...RS phase Design Phase Acceptance T...

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