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152801 Stress Management Essay

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Stress Management

Stress is present throughout all aspects of life. The negative effects of stress can result in the loss of productivity, decreased levels of performance, and higher costs of insurance. The insurance costs can be either in worker’s compensation insurance or in medical insurance. For this reason, stress at the workplace has shifted to the front of concern for organizations. In most cases, stressed workers are fatigued, prone to mistakes and injuries, and more likely to be absent. Causes of stress arise from on-the-job and off-the-job factors. Work-life balance issues and anxieties arising from the downturned economy compound long hours of working, demanding tasks and uncertain responsibilities. Every being experiences stress and its effects in daily living and in every occupation. The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in New York. The company produces and markets computer hardware and software, and provides infrastructure and consultation services in a wide assortment of areas. IBM’s strategy for improving the well-being of employees focuses on four main elements. These are emphasis on primary care, health system reforms, and healthy lifestyles. It applies information technology in ways that allow workers to be conversant, and engaged partners. The company places explicit focus on assisting workers implement physically vigorous routines, realize and retain healthy weight, create and retain proper diet, obtain suggested medical precautionary services, and actively manage stress (Begley & Boyd, 2012). Simply providing isolated wellness resources that employees use voluntarily is not sufficient to stimulate significant behavior change and promote wellbeing at work. Using the internet, IBM has been able to provide a comprehensive set of wellbeing support and wellness plans tailored to meet the mental needs of individual employees. With prevention the goal of all efforts, participation increases when monetary reimbursements are offered. This, combined with selection of effective technology tools, facilitates maximum reach to the highly distributed workforce, while...

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