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152 A Final Study Guide Essay

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Winter 2015

stages of sexual arousal, anatomy, STD question (HIV, HPV transmission, lifespan, treatment, symptons) , contraception, the day my god died, simon levay lecture question, 6 ways on how to prevent STI - female condom, male condom, double contraceptive, abstinence half is romance, communication, etc

abortion - pro life, pro choice, masters and johnson
heirarchy of prostitution

PGS. 301.9-304

Americans Are Divided on Abortion, but Most Favor Restricted Availability 1) In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Roe vs Wade that states could not enact an outright ban on abortions before the age of fetal viability. 2) The abortion debate is often portrayed as being divided between two opposing camps (pro-life and pro-choice), however people often find their beliefs fall in-between the two extremes. a) Pro-Life

i) Elective abortion is always wrong and should be considered a criminal offense b) Pro-choice
i) Women should be allowed to make all abortion decisions for themselves.

3) The Abortion Debate Focused on Specific Issues
a) Because the majority of Americans tend to be more moderate in their views towards abortion, much of the “pro-choice” vs. “pro-life” debate revolves around specific issues. (see pgs. 304) i) Should there be conditions such as a mandatory 24 hr waiting period? ii) Should their be a ban on late term abortions?

CHAPTER 17 – Sex as a Commodity

Can Money buy you Love?
1. Prostitution – the practice of engaging in sex for pay
2. Historically prostitution viewed as a necessary evil
a. "the oldest profession"
b. Only way in which unattached W could support themselves
c. Development of "red light districts" in late 19th century 3. Prostitution is on the decline
a. High proportion of male and/or transgendered prostitutes in some cities b. Illegal everywhere in U.S., except parts of Nevada and Rhode Island

There is a Hierarchy of Prostitution
1. Street prostitution or “street walking”
a. Most visible and familiar part of the industry
b. lowest rank and charge lowest prices
c. lifetime of social degradation
d. Majority of female prostitutes are mothers
e. M prostitutes tend to be independent workers where as W often work for Pimps i. Pimps – man who manages prostitutes in exchange for a portion of the earnings 1. Much less common in recent years

2. Working out of a fixed commercial location
a. I.e. a massage parlor or strip joint
b. Services vary, but "massages" is most common
c. Brothels are uncommon but exist in rural Nevada
d. - are legal in other countries
3. Escort service prostitution – offstreet prostitution not tied to a specific service location

a. Call girl
i. Prostitutes are relatively upscale in terms of clientele and price ii. Clients sometimes want the ‘girlfriend experience’
b. Premier escorts – prostitutes that are well-presented and can be taken to dinners or shows

i. often work for madams who have access to affluent society c. Gigolo – male escorts paid by women, uncommon in the United States

Good Pay is the Main Motive for Prostitution
1. Some prostitutes have special needs that require a high income (transgender and prostitutes addicted to drugs) 2. M use prostitutes for many reasons
a. difficulty finding unpaid sex partners
b. avoid hassles involved with regular dating
c. issues with frequency and variety of sex with spouse or partner

3. The prostitutes rights movement
a. elimination of...

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